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Concrete Insider answers frequently asked questions, submitted by our customers across the country. Our goal is to increase your expertise in concrete products and installation.

Concrete Insider: Go Big or Go Bag - Bags vs Pallet

1. When should I buy a bag versus a pallet?

If you are working on one or two small jobs, it is more cost efficient to buy by the bag, rather than a full pallet of premixed concrete. However, if you have a full project load ahead of you, buying by the pallet saves money as well as time on trips to the store. Most retailers offer discounts if you buy concrete mix in bulk. This allows you to save money on concrete that you are using for both current and upcoming jobs.

2. If I have extra bags after completing a job, how long will they be usable?

The shelf life of premixed concrete is entirely determined by the conditions of humidity and temperature it is stored in. If the premixed concrete has been stored off the floor in a temperature and humidity-controlled room, it should remain fully reactive for up to 12 months. If a room of that nature is not available, pouring the remaining mix into an airtight container or bucket will prevent any effects from temperature and humidity to keep it fully reactive for up to 12 months as well.

3. How can I determine how many bags I will need for a job?

Even though projects are usually explained in square feet, when it comes to determining how much concrete you will need, it’s helpful to know the volume of material in cubic yards.

To determine how much concrete you need for a job, multiply length by width, then multiply that by depth or thickness and divide by 27 – the number of cubic feet in a cubic yard.