How-to Guide

Instruction guide and tips for waterproofing bare concrete surfaces with KING Xypex high'n dry.

How to Waterproof Bare Concrete Surfaces

Waterproof concrete surfaces! Use KING Xypex high'n dry, a surface-applied chemical for waterproofing.

KING Xypex high'n dry is a surface applied chemical treatment for concrete designed to prevent water seepage due to hydrostatic pressure. The application produces a non-soluble crystalline growth within the pores of the concrete. This crystalline formation penetrates deep into the damp concrete becoming a permanent part of the structure and effectively seals it against water seepage.


This product is ideal for waterproofing bare concrete surfaces such as basement walls, floors, tunnels, storage tanks, cisterns, ponds and swimming pools. 

PROCEDURES: Mix and substrate temperatures should be maintained between 5 °C (40 °F) and 30 °C (86 °F) for at least 24 hours prior to and 48 hours after. 

STEP 1: Surface Preparation: Surfaces to be coated must be structurally sound and clean. Remove all delaminated or unsound concrete by chipping with a hammer and chisel or using a stiff wire brush. Clean the surface of dirt, grime, mold or any other substance that would prevent the penetration of the crystalline growth. Remove all paint. Smooth concrete must be lightly roughened or etched. Repair all cracks and hales with SAKRETE plug-tite. Clean the area with potable water, leaving the concrete saturated but free of standing water. Some very porous concretes may require several applications of water to ensure complete saturation.

STEP 2: Mixing: Mix 5 parts of KING Xypex high'n dry with 2 parts of clean water until a creamy consistency is obtained; avoid a "soupy" mix. Mix only as much as can be applied within 10 minutes. Use immediately after mixing. If mix starts to set, agitate briefly but do not add more water.

STEP 3: Placing: After mixing, apply KING Xypex high'n dry to prepared surface with a semi-stiff, thick bristle brush. Always dip the brush to the bottom of the mixing pail, mixing as you obtain more material to ensure that the solids do not settle. If the mixture thickens, simply re-agitate, do not add more water. ln cases of strong hydrostatic pressure it may be necessary to apply more than one coat.

STEP 4: Curing: The presence of moisture is most important to produce the crystalline growth within the concrete and proper hardening of the coating. Allow KING Xypex high'n dry to set until the surface is hard to the touch approximately 1 to 2 hours. The treatment must be kept damp for 48 hours following application. Under normal conditions, it is sufficient to fog spray the coating 3 times a day for a minimum of 2 days. This also prevents the chalking or dusting of the coating. NOTE: For concrete structures that hold water (ponds, swimming pools, etc.) keep damp for 3 days, then allow to set (air cure) for 12 days. Flush thoroughly before filling. ln hot weather above 21 °C (70 °F) care must be taken to prevent the coating from drying too quickly. Dampen the coating more frequently during the curing process than would be required under normal conditions.

Tips for waterproofing concrete with KING Xypex high'n dry:
  1. Use only on clean and properly prepared surfaces.
  2. Repair cracks.
  3. Use a wire brush and/or scrape clean.
  4. Remove paint.
  5. Apply to a damp surface.
  6. Use proper safety equipment (i.e. safety glasses, gloves, etc.).