How-to Guide

Instruction guide and tips for repairing mortar joints using Sakrete Mortar Mix, Type N. Specially, for load-bearing walls requiring low compressive strength or non-load-bearing walls.

How to Repair Mortar Joints (Low Compressive Strength)


SAKRETE Mortar Mix, Type N should not be used where Type S Mortar is specified. For applications requiring conventional Type S Mortar, please refer to SAKRETE Mortar Mix, Type S. SAKRETE Mortar Mix, Type N is a pre blended, ready-to-use, Type N Mortar made of masonry cemnent and natural mortar sand. lt is designed to be used with clay, concrete and stone masonry bricks. SAKRETE Mortar Mix, Type N conforms to CSA A179-14 when used as directed. This product is grey in colour but can also be blended with a variety of colouring agents. Ready-to-use; just add water!


Build or repair walls, chimneys, planters or outdoor grills

Tuck-pointing repairs of brick mortar joints

Above grade construction

lnterior or exterior applications

PROCEDURES: Mix and substrate temperatures should be maintained between 5 °C (40 °F) and 30 °C (86 °F) for at least 24 hours prior to and 48 hours after.

STEP 1: Surface Preparation: When laying new brick walls, first construct a sound footing below the frost line.

STEP 2: Mixing: Empty contents of bag into mortar box, wheelbarrow or mechanical mixer. When mixing by hand, form a crater for adding water. Add approximately 4 L (4.25 qts) of clean water per 30 KG (66 lb) bag or enough to achieve a workable mix. Avoid a soupy mix. Excess water reduces strength and durability and can cause cracking. ln cold weather, use warm water to accelerate the set. ln hot weather, use cold water to slow the set. Re-tempering mix impairs performance.

STEP 3: Placing: New Construction; Laying Bricks: Before setting bricks in position on mortar bed, butter end with mortar. Tap into place and be sure to level.

Repairing; Repointing: When repairing mortar joints or stucco, remove all loose and foreign material. Dampen areas to be repaired just prior to application. Use less water than recommended to create a stiffer mix to facilitate placing mortar. Apply mortar with a pointing trowel and compact.

STEP 4: Finishing: Allow the newly placed material to set for about 1 hour, until the surface is thumb-print hard, before striking with a jointer tool.

STEP 5: Curing: ln hot weather, lightly dampen the material as needed to promote adequate curing. ln cold weather, adequately cover and protect from freezing for a minimum of 48 hours.

How-to Video

Tips for repairing mortar joints with SAKRETE Mortar Mix, Type N:
  1. Remove loose mortar.
  2. Dampen surface.
  3. Avoid a soupy mix.
  4. Use proper safety equipment (i.e. safety glasses, gloves, etc.).