SAKRETE Self Leveling Underlayment

SAKRETE Self Leveling Underlayment is a cement-based, pre-blended, self-leveling underlayment material. It is designed to help level surfaces such as interior concrete, plywood or other approved floor surfaces, prior to the installation of resilient flooring. This product is designed for applications varying from 3 mm (1/8”) up to 25 mm (1”) in a single pour. Cured SAKRETE Self Leveling Underlayment can be opened to foot traffic in approximately 6 hours.

  • Very flowable; easy to apply
  • Ready-to-use; just add water
  • Seeks its own level condition and flattens interior floors
  • Ready for ceramic tile or stone in 24 hours
  • Ready for other types of flooring in 2 to 3 days
  • Can be used in conjunction with radiant floor heating systems